Landmark Moment For DANI Awards:

The DANI Awards are celebrating a ‘landmark moment’ being the first ever event in Ireland to use blockchain technology to sell tickets for its 2018 awards ceremony. 

The application, designed to prevent fraud, was developed by Citizen Ticket and uses revolutionary technology to protect both buyers and sellers.

DANI Awards Tickets Uses Blockchain Technology


Citizen Ticket has solved a problem which has plagued the event’s industry for years.  Its BitTicket (Bt) technology uses blockchain technology to store information about time, date, amount, participant of the transaction and number of tickets purchased.  This information for every ticket is coded into the life of the ticket meaning it is traceable right from the moment of purchase – showing where’s it’s been and who owns it.

In August 2017, Citizen Ticket announced the ground-breaking concept and sought partners to test the revolutionary technology.  DANI Award founder and director Naomh McElhatton was the first willing participant in Ireland.

“Due to the significant growth year-on-year of the DANI Awards, we knew we had to discover a more secure method of selling tickets, which would protect against fraud and ensure that every ticket sale is traceable,” said Naomh.

“At DANI & SMART NI we are all about celebrating innovation, digitalization and discovering unique ways of doing things.  We couldn’t wait to partner with Citizen Ticket to roll out this brand new technology.  We are delighted to be the very first company in Ireland to pioneer this new technology.”

The results can be found at the DANI Awards website where you can purchase your tickets now for the 2018 event.



Philip Shaw-Stewart, Co-founder, Citizen Ticket added: “The DANI Awards and SMART NI are leading the way in events technology in the UK.  We are very excited to be working with such an innovative partner to deliver the first awards on the blockchain!  This is a landmark moment for blockchain technology and the event industry.”

The DANI Awards is the only event in Ireland to use this latest technology, taking their place alongside Magical Festival and Hoxton Hall theatre in London.

“Up until now, Blockchain technology has been mainly used to power cryptocurrencies such as Bitcon, but its potential is much greater!  Blockchain transparency and immutability by design, make it a prime technology to disrupt and improve many industries,” Philip added.

“The events industry is one of them, plagued by major problems including fraud, counterfeiting and ticket touts, blockchain offers the solution.  Magical Festival, The DANI Awards, and Hoxton Hall will lead the way for the events industry.”

Partnership and sponsorship opportunities are still available for this year’s DANI Awards across all industry sectors.  Closing date for all award entries is March 3rd.  For more information visit The DANI Awards.


February 14, 2018 12:12 pm

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